Whoever said Hispanic MC's couldn't rhyme obviously were not speaking about David Ernesto Miranda, otherwise known as Mr. Miranda. Born and raised in Arizona, coming out of East Phoenix, Mr. Miranda has been rapping for over 10 years and is a true student in the art of music. He has conquered the originality aspect of it with a timeless style that instantly embraces the soul. Every verse written comes directly from the heart and you can hear the sincerity in it. Mr. Miranda has performed all over, blessing stages in various cities and states- giving the people good music and a great show. His plan is to make the world familiar with his music and who he is as an individual, not just as an artist. Signing an indie deal with River City Records out of Tokyo, Japan in 2010 gave him that international presence and appeal and received a great response through his music. The world is a huge place that Mr. Miranda is just trying to leave his mark in, now and forever.